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Electrical Maintenance Contract and Property Management Services

At Ramcon Nigeria Limited, we offer
a diverse range of electrical services for the commercial, industrial and
general contractor communities.

An emergency call repair can cost
ten times as much as a planned repair or maintenance service.

When having a maintenance contract
agreement with Ramcon you are taking a proactive approach which will
dramatically cut costs and boost productivity.
Ramcon is proud of its outstanding
customer service. No matter what your electrical service needs are Ramcon is
equipped to meet and exceed your service requirements.
Types of electrical maintenance contracts
There are several different levels
of electrical maintenance contracts available. These vary from the most basic
testing package to the all-inclusive option, incorporating preventative works
and testing bundled together.
Test and inspection package
Incorporating EICR testing (EICR
Installation Condition Report) and PAT testing - Portable Appliance Testing
(PAT), this is the most basic maintenance contracts covering off your statutory
liabilities. This allows you to have peace of mind that your testing needs are
covered off each year.
Emergency lighting maintenance
Let us carry out your emergency
lighting testing and maintenance to ensure you stay on the right side of the
law. We're experts in installing, maintaining and testing all forms of
emergency lighting in every type of property and business.
Planned preventative maintenance
Depending on the type and size of
your premises, our engineers will regularly inspect and carry out any repairs
on fittings and installations that need attention.
All inclusive package
For the complete hands-off
solution to your health and safety and maintenance needs. When downtime is
business-critical, the all-inclusive package will ensure you never have to
worry about your electrical, lighting and power needs again. We'll put in place
a comprehensive plan of scheduled maintenance and testing across your business
to suit you. We'll contact you when we need to gain access or complete works
and you'll have a dedicated number to call us when you have any issues.


We provide our commercial customers with the highest level of electrical service work. What is covered by Electrical Service Contract?
Quarterly Electrical Service Inspections
•Inspect panel for contaminants

•Inspect panel for overall condition

•Inspect panel for moisture damage

•Inspect panel for heat damage

•Check for loose breakers

•Check for correct fuse or breaker size and usage

•Check for broken breakers

•Check for proper clearance

•Check for double tapped breakers / fuses

•Test and Exercise Breakers

•Check breaker temperatures norms and abnormal

•Check for loose breaker contacts and conductors

•Check for missing knock out connectors

•Check for wrong size knock out connectors

•Check and Inspect the wire fill in the panels

•Check for correct grounding and wire bonding

•Check for loose or double tapped neutral ground conductors

•Check for correct bonding bushings

•Check for missing panel cover and screws

•Check for missing circuit breaker blanks

•Check to insure correctly marked circuit identification

•Inspect meter condition

•Inspect meter riser condition

•Inspect meter riser for correct height and clearance

•Inspect weather head condition

•Inspect meter riser roof flashing condition

•Inspect meter riser for correct support

•Inspect service entrance wire condition

•Inspect overall conduit condition

•Check for properly installed ground rod

Semi- Annual Electrical Device & Code Inspections
•Check all grounded metallic parts

•Check electrical service entrance ground

•Check for unprotected wires

•Check for open joints / splices

•Test office receptacles for correct operation

•Test kitchen receptacles for correct operation

•Test garage receptacles for correct operation

•Test outdoor receptacles for correct operation

•Test unfinished basement receptacles for correct operation

•Test circuit breakers for correct operation

•Test Arc-Fault circuit breakers for correct operation

•Test light switches for correct operation

•Test light dimmers for correct operation

•Test motion detected light switches for correct operation

•Test outdoor lighting for correct operation

•Test smoke detectors for correct operation


Any power issues or delayed maintenance means a loss in productivity and an increase in service work.
At Ramcon, we are experienced
professional electrical contractors dedicated to fast dependable service for
any commercial and industrial electrical work requirements.
We are available to provide a
maintenance and service contract for your facility.
We are also available to provide our
services as a sub-contractor to fulfill your electrical requirements on any
general contracting projects.
Ramcon has been serving electrical
service needs since 1990 and
we are a tried and true entity. Our crews have
worked on various interesting projects throughout the years and so you can have
confidence in our ability to meet your electrical needs in a timely cost
effective manner.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015


It is very critical to carry out a Value Engineering Audit Of Facility, a year after post construction and every 5-10years, especially when major modification works has been carried out. It is expected that at this time the building power deployment would have developed a trend that can be studied and then fully appreciated. This trend can either validate the design or be a complete aberration. Most of the time, the trend may be such that diesel consumption can be drastically reduced by reviewing the Genset proposition.

An energy audit is an inspection, survey and analysis of energy flows for energy conservation in a building, process or system to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output(s). In commercial, industrial and real estate, an energy audit is the first step in identifying opportunities to reduce energy expense and carbon footprints. When the object of study is an occupied building then reducing energy consumption while maintaining or improving human comfort, health and safety are of primary concern. Beyond simply identifying the sources of energy use, an energy audit seeks to prioritize the energy uses according to the greatest to least cost effective opportunities for energy savings. (Wikipedia)
This report is expected to validate the safety and functionality of power support infrastructure and to generate a Log Book of Condition Survey and Power Audit of the electrical services installations and upon the gathered information the recommendations shall be proffered.
We shall review existing engineering documentation, protective device settings and available engineering drawings. Our review will include:
·        All the existing as-built electrical drawings and approvals shall be requested and inspected to confirm compliance with prevailing panel arrangements and engineering standards.
·        Appreciation of all incoming cables to checked for quality, reliability and review of the prevailing load, to confirm if the present cable size will require an upgrade.
·        Load spreads for all the floors to analyse the load balancing status and various isolation breakers and cables.
·        Load spread to confirm the occupancy
·        In view of modification made to the building, especially through partitioning of floors, the impacts on the load spread shall be checked for load balancing.
·        The state of the transformer, switchgears, electrical panel (LVs and HTs), transformers and other supply equipment, distribution boards and cables shall be checked for quality and reliability.
·        Fire risk analysis shall also be carried out to validate preparedness to be alerted and fight any fire incidence.
·        The state of the existing Lightning Protection and earth system shall be checked and tested.
·        Generator configuration and the Fuel consumption of such Generator(s) shall be reviewed with respect to required redundancy, peak, off peak and night load.
·        Diagnose various on-going losses in the facility.
We will also make detail review of the electrical maintenance procedures and equipment for:
·        Analysis of maintenance schedule.
·        Current maintenance practice versus industrial standard.
·        Comparison of facility schedule versus available resource.
·        Proper grounding.
Following the audit, a written report containing our findings and recommendations will be provided.

Different engines have different efficiencies but as a very rough rule of thumb:
1.    A modern engine uses around 210litres per hour per 1000kVA.
2.     So a 100kVA uses around 21 litres, a 250kVA uses around 52 litres / hour,                       350kVA uses 71 litres / hour and so on.     
3.   At #150/litre and 15hours/day by 25days and 12months implies   #675,000/litre/year.
4.     For 1000kva genset at 210liters/hour means #142million yearly
5.     For 100kva (night load) at 21litres of 10hours daily & 365days implies #12million yearly
6.     For 350kva (off peak) at 71litres of 6hours daily & 365days implies #24million
7.     For 350kva by 2 at 142litres (peak period) of 8hours daily & 340days less holidays implies #58million
8.     The above indicates that have multiple gensets suited for the load deployment create lots of savings looking at #142million and a summation of #12M + #24M + #58M =#94 saving #48million.
 Note that this is all genset at 75% load support throughout the year. It implies the savings can be much more.
Each generator data sheet has the precise fuel consumption figures.
Each generator (up to 800kVA) has an internal fuel tank; normally to run for around 6 to 8 hours.

Basis for Recommendations
Critical point to note is that the scope of our engagement does not include comprehensive check of ceiling void and rectification of all flaws, which will require the procurement of cables and accessories. A building services contractor must be contracted to do that.                             
Our recommendations shall be based on our findings, Loggings and consultations with the facility management personnel and the representatives of the various tenants.
We look forward to your call for further discussion on this proposition.
Thank you for your time.